Picture update and final weeks.

Friends and family,

First of all, we want to thank each of you for keeping our family in your prayers these past few weeks! Our daughter is home and doing well and we couldn’t be more grateful to have such an incredible support system during this time! We have so much to share with you that its a bit overwhelming! We will be home in about 5 weeks and we cant wait to catch you all up then. Since the last time I have shared, we have been through an entire module, which is six weeks long. A few of the topics we have studied have been Immediate newborn-6 weeks, birth emergencies, grief and loss, community development and worldview, postpartum, breastfeeding, normal birth, and labs for midwives. Nate has been involved in his training since January.

He has been out in the farm and ATV studying sustainable technology. The girls are in another quarter of Foundations training and are doing well! We are all a little tired but know that God is giving us what we need to finish strong and we are not alone. This has been more than just physical training for the field. We feel stretched in every way and are so thankful God has chosen to take us down a path that has been uncomfortable, if that makes sense! Because God created whole humans, He seeks to restore whole humans-not just their souls. Jesus began redeeming what was broken with His embodiment in the same flesh as humanity. His restoration of bodies was a sign that His kingdom was active in the world. The lame could walk. The blind could see. The dead were raised. The sick were healed. The hungry were fed. He lifted the heads of the shamed. He gathered in the outcasts and ate with them. He touched those who hadn’t been touched in years because of their uncleanliness. In this way, Jesus sought the wholeness of their hearts and emotions. He didn’t divide humans into souls and bodies, or his ministry into “evangelism” or “social justice” categories. His ministry was holistic-for the entire human. That is what He has been doing in our lives over the past 5 months and that is why we are here, doing what we are doing. This kind of Kingdom living is what we know Jesus has invited us into.

My plan was to simply show you our life through pictures and go into detail when we get home but I started writing and just kept going. 🙂 So now, I will leave with you with a series of pictures and the knowledge that we love and appreciate each one of you so very much!

A few of the students in Skyllar and Cadyns Foundations class.

A few students from Bryns Foundations class.

Family hike. Lots of warnings…

…but beautiful! Our view from the top.

Finally made it to the bottom!

Sustainable agriculture projects with Nate.

Harvesting chickens.

Our little home.

Some of my suturing tools and fun in labs!

Please continue to pray as we begin to make preparations to head home. We will be there for a little while and hope to spend time with as many of you as possible. If you would like to grab a cup of coffee with us, please send us a message or text! We would love to see you and share with you what’s next!

Because of Him,
Nate and Amie

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