May I take your blood pressure, please?


How we dearly miss our family and friends! Thank you so much for being a part of this ministry that God is developing from both near and far. Yes, we say it often-but the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven to earth takes every one of us. We play only a very small part but you, dear friends, are the backbone, praying us through the joys and challenges of each new day!

A lot of what I (Amie) will be sharing with you over the next 6 months will be what God is teaching me through midwifery training and every day life here on the island. Continue reading

Mahalo from the Renards

How’s it?
That is how you casually say “hello” “howdy” or “what’s up” in Hawaii.

“Mahalo” translates to “thank you”. However, it has a much deeper meaning than our western version of “thanks” or “thank you”. In Hawaii it is a word used to express divine blessing of admiration, gratitude, and praise. I have even seen “Mahalo” referred to as a prayer of thanksgiving wrapped into one word. I enjoy seeing the locals faces light up when I tell them, “Mahalo” for their services at the marketplace and they immediately say it right back. If you tell them, “thank you” they generally reply with, “no problem”, “no worries”, or a head nod. This is not true with “Mahalo”! As a mainlander, I have told myself that I will start using this term more often because of what it represents beginning right now. I would like to give a HUGE Mahalo to all who are following our journey through our blog page! Continue reading

Next steps.

Hi all!


Our family has officially graduated from “boot camp” with Beautiful Feet and arrived back in our hometown. With only 9 days before we leave for our next training, we are off and running. Dental appts, unpacking, repacking, shipping, visiting with family and friends, and a fundraiser are just a taste of what we have ahead of us this week. We are excited to spend time with everyone and for the relationships that continue to build!

After our week at home, we will be driving to California to visit with more family and fly out from there for the next phase of our training in Kona. We will be studying midwifery in developing nations and sustainable living in preparation for our move overseas. Take a deeper look at our training with Gomidwife. Continue reading

The journey continues.


When *God* is with you, you’re with the Healer, the Helper, the Defender, the Rescuer, the Maker-Of-Everything-Into-Good. When you’re with God–you’re with the One who turns every mess into a miracle of good. *No matter what intends to harm you, God’s arms have you.* You.Can.Never.Be.Undone.You can’t fail when you’re Father has you–because success is simply, *always* staying with Him. -Ann Voskamp

To say I have, at times, doubted that we can do this..walk this journey God has called us to-is an understatement. And guess what? Continue reading

Working on accepting the…challenges.

Hi all! How good it is to communicate with you in this way! We may not be face-to-face but I feel like we are able to connect as we continue to navigate life together and share through social media. 🙂 Not too long ago, cross-cultural workers needed to rely on snail mail in order to share and keep in touch. As much as I love snail mail-the ease and speed of blogging is incredible in comparison. Continue reading

Ki kati

Ki kati! (Hello, in one of the official languages of Uganda!)

We have finally arrived at Beautiful Feet boot camp in Choctaw, OK, about a 4-5 hour drive from our hometown of Mena, AR. After moving in yesterday, we have been spending the weekend getting unpacked, shopping for groceries, resting up, meeting our fellow boot campers, and transitioning into our new home. It was a full year of preparations, and is so exciting to now be in missionary training. Classes officially begin on Monday, July 4th with a celebration that evening. Continue reading

Words cannot express!

We have so much updating to do-lots going on! For now, I just wanted to hop on quickly and say a huge thank you to all who have partnered with us the last few months. We have received $955 through our Beautiful Feet account and Nate and I are so very grateful!! A special thank you to our church family-your constant encouragement-through not only the financial support-but phone calls, one-on-one talks, prayer together-have been nothing short of amazing!! Continue reading

Tongue In Cheek

Tongue in cheek rendition of the Western mentality of Jesus’ last words recorded in the book of Matthew, known as the Great Commission…

And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and build massive churches that are inclusive for only the elite in your community, baptizing (and re-baptizing) them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit for your attendance numbers to look great at the end of the year, teaching (and commanding) them to observe your particular church as the only TRUE denomination, and behold I am with you always, unless your church splits, or your preacher moves away, or you get a divorce, or begin to question or doubt your faith or denomination in any way… then I am no longer with you” Continue reading

April Update

Hi Friends!

Its been a while since I have updated. Hoping to get into a better habit of blogging for you all! This will be the main way we share and connect while we are out of the country and we want to be consistent in doing so! We love you all and are so deeply grateful you have chosen to walk with us in this journey. It is not only our journey with Jesus, but we are all in this life, on this journey together. It excites me to think about!! There is much to share so I will get started. 🙂  Continue reading

Misplaced Passions

Every civilization in the record of humanity have asked basic questions about our existence. It is inherent for us to ask…

Who are we?     –     Where did we come from?     –     Who OR what force created us?     –     How did we get here?     –     What is our meaning OR purpose?     –     Do we have a destiny?     –     Is there something greater than us out there?

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