Holistic Training

It is hard to believe that it has been over a year since we devoted our lives to missionary training. The past 12+ months has provided an amazing opportunity for us to grow in so many ways. Some days were beautiful and we wished they would never end. Other days could have easily been compared to a dumpster fire. It is in the bittersweet balance of the highs and lows where we have seen our true spiritual growth during the last year. We are continually learning of our strengths and weaknesses as we run the race that Christ has set before us. And we are more vulnerable and dependent on the guidance and affection of Jesus than we have ever been. Continue reading

Halfway Through The Mission Training Marathon


Amie and I made a final decision in February of 2016 to pursue our calling in the mission field (9 months ago). The first real step was to SAVE and SELL EVERYTHING! It all had to go if we were truly serious about being the hands and feet of Jesus to a lost and broken world outside of our American borders. Beginning in April (7 months ago), we began purging our possessions primarily on local “buy & sell” Facebook groups and yard sales. Amie and I sold our furniture, appliances, camping gear, clothing, tools, vehicles, a trampoline, etc! It was pretty much everything we owned of value including all firearms. Mahalo to all of you who supported us by purchasing our possessions. Sentimental knick knacks and other things we couldn’t sell were either donated or stored in a 10’x16′ storage building back home in Mena, AR.
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Mahalo from the Renards

How’s it?
That is how you casually say “hello” “howdy” or “what’s up” in Hawaii.

“Mahalo” translates to “thank you”. However, it has a much deeper meaning than our western version of “thanks” or “thank you”. In Hawaii it is a word used to express divine blessing of admiration, gratitude, and praise. I have even seen “Mahalo” referred to as a prayer of thanksgiving wrapped into one word. I enjoy seeing the locals faces light up when I tell them, “Mahalo” for their services at the marketplace and they immediately say it right back. If you tell them, “thank you” they generally reply with, “no problem”, “no worries”, or a head nod. This is not true with “Mahalo”! As a mainlander, I have told myself that I will start using this term more often because of what it represents beginning right now. I would like to give a HUGE Mahalo to all who are following our journey through our blog page! Continue reading

Tongue In Cheek

Tongue in cheek rendition of the Western mentality of Jesus’ last words recorded in the book of Matthew, known as the Great Commission…

And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and build massive churches that are inclusive for only the elite in your community, baptizing (and re-baptizing) them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit for your attendance numbers to look great at the end of the year, teaching (and commanding) them to observe your particular church as the only TRUE denomination, and behold I am with you always, unless your church splits, or your preacher moves away, or you get a divorce, or begin to question or doubt your faith or denomination in any way… then I am no longer with you” Continue reading

Misplaced Passions

Every civilization in the record of humanity have asked basic questions about our existence. It is inherent for us to ask…

Who are we?     –     Where did we come from?     –     Who OR what force created us?     –     How did we get here?     –     What is our meaning OR purpose?     –     Do we have a destiny?     –     Is there something greater than us out there?

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Why go across seas to be a missionary when there is so much ministry needed here in the US?

This is the golden question asked by so many when I tell believers that I am planning to relocate my family and I across seas.

The problem is that I don’t have a good answer.

Sure I can quote the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). Or perhaps I can count all of the times “to all nations” is recorded in the Bible. Another way to answer the golden question is to expound on facts like: Continue reading