What have the Renards been up to?

Hello to each of you! We have missed you over the past few months and look forward to reconnecting through our blog. A little over three months have passed since our time in Kona ended. We have spent that time in rest, enjoying our immediate and extended family, visiting with Beautiful Feet (our missions organization), some birth and solar energy training, and seeking God for what He has for us in the future.

Last picture taken with my midwifery class in Kona.

Beautiful Feet staff member, Gail, speaking at a retreat.
Yummy dinner-Ethiopian style, at a BF retreat!

Nate spent 5 weeks in Yuba City, California learning about energy poverty and how he can help spread the Good News through meeting needs with sustainable energy and solar power. I know he would love to share more about this with you, if you are interested! I was able to attend some births during this time, moving me closer to being ready for birth work in developing nations!

Nate installed solar panels at a missions training in Yuba City, California.

Happy to have dad home from his seminar!
Honored to have been a part of this beautiful birth!

Thank you for your prayers and continued partnership as we move forward into cross-cultural ministry. It was difficult at first, trying to figure out how to move into this new season as a family. Readjusting our lives from a year of constant training and missions activity into a period of rest took diligence. We have spent time in prayer, revisiting the who/what/how/whys of the work God has invited us to and know we are to continue what was begun. So thankful for our stay here and learning how to rest in Gods perfect timing.

Our missions organization, Beautiful Feet, is located in Choctaw, Oklahoma, about a 4 hour drive away from our hometown. We will be moving to the campus there at the beginning of August to join the staff for a time. Helping with retreats, being involved in missions training, working with refugee friends in OKC, birthwork, and using skills of sustainable technology will all take place here. We are excited to have spiritual mentorship and guidance from our leadership at BF in preparation for overseas ministry. Efforts to raise funds for the work we are doing will continue during this time as all the staff at BF raise their own support. We are at about 65% of our monthly budget and are so very grateful for each of you as we continue to offer our “yes” together.

4th of July with our Beautiful Feet family.

Please pray:
~For the adjustment period of moving to Beautiful Feet.
~For wisdom for Nate and Amie as we continue to move forward and follow Jesus into unreached nations.
~For relationships to thrive and deepen within our family and community.
~For open eyes, open hearts, and open hands as we seek God daily.
~Praising God for your love, prayers, and partnership!

We look forward to updating you more in-depth with a presentation soon at Grace Bible!

Nate and Amie

Nate at his solar energy seminar.

Time spent catching up with family.

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