This Jesus life.

Wow! We are officially through with half of our training here on the Big Island. What an incredible journey these past few months have been and I can say without a doubt that we have grown ever closer to our Father with each passing day. I have truly realized that this life with Jesus is not just a momentary prayer we pray once and then live happily ever after, as we tend to hype up in our culture. It is a daily laying down of our lives and taking up of our cross that changes us and the people around us. It is a slow, humbling, sacrificing process that may not always make sense as we are journeying through but it is always, always worth it. It is committing to loving those that the Father sets before us in this moment. That might be overseas or it might be across the street or it might be in your own home. Sacrifice isn’t so much about losing what you love, but giving your love on to who you love more. When you sacrifice for what you love, you gain more of what you love. Love is a risk-that is never a risk.

If you know me well, you will know I tend to be on the task oriented side of life…hospitality is definitely not my strongest trait. Yet, in His kindness he has begin to mold me into someone who is more aware of relationship and less worried about the task. That will probably always be first nature for me because we need both kinds of people. But its about a balance. I don’t want to miss walking out the love relationship we get to have with Christ. And what really matters is that in the act of loving we become more like the givenness of Love Himself. What matters most is not if our love makes other people change, but that in loving, we change. In sacrificing to love someone, we become more like Someone. As a task oriented person, I must choose to sacrifice. Must choose to daily lay down my life, my self-preservation tendencies and risk. And Love is a risk that’s never a risk. Yes, we are here for “book” training but Im so thankful that much more than “book” training, we are receiving Kingdom training.

So on to the book training part of this post! We finished up the first part of our training here last week with graduation for the kiddos and the second big module test/clinical skills for myself. Nate will be attending the first of his training in the new year. He will begin with sustainable agriculture for developing nations, which will build the framework for ministry in sustainable living techniques. Please be praying for him as he transitions from amazing caretaker of all things family to student! Find out more about his training here! The girls had an amazing quarter in Foundations and finished with a big graduation ceremony. Please continue to pray for them as they are a little down-their friends have all left for overseas work for the next few months and its our first Christmas away from all of our loved ones! Here is a really amazing video that was made about their time in Foundations this quarter. Its a little long but if you want to see what they have been doing, it is well worth it! We have decided, as a family, to put them back through Foundations again this next quarter. We have seen amazing growth in their lives and believe for even more over the next few months before we head home. Here is the video if you are interested!
Skyllar, Cadyn, and Brynlee’s quarter in Foundations!

As for my training with Gomidwife, it has been an intense time of “drinking from a fire hydrant!” This quarter so far, we have covered the topics of:
-Intro to the Global Crisis -Childbirth Educator training
-Doula training -Foundations in Midwifery I
-Basic Assessment & Prenatals -Foundations in Midwifery II
-Intro to Clinical Skills -Herbs
-Birth Assistant training -Nutrition
-Anatomy and Physiology -Normal Birth I

I look back at all I have learned this quarter with an incredibly grateful heart! God loves to redeem His children and that’s what He is doing in this season as we continue to live with open hearts and open hands. We look forward to continuing the work in this coming year and are excited to see each of you in just a few short months. Thank you so very much for your partnership as we serve together in His kingdom, each using our unique talents and gifts for a Better Way! We could not do what we are called to do without your willingness and sacrifice to walk in what you are called to do. Your prayers are vital as we seek to follow His path in the new year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to shoot us an email, text, or call! What an awesome privilege it is to serve alongside each of you…we love you dearly! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Because of Perfect Love,

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  1. We read, listened to, and watched all of this beautiful post and attached links this morning. We are overwhelmed beyond words!! Thank you for the updates! We continue to pray with all of our hearts and work alongside you, even if from a distance! God be … and is….with you! LOVE to you!!!

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