Love will light the Way.

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I believe that I am finally beginning to slow down and turn my ear. To listen to things that God has wanted to bring to my attention yet I have been going at top speeds and who has time to slow down, right?

Specifically-He has been asking me to be aware. To be thankful in this short season we are in. No matter what we feel like we are going through. However hard it may seem at the time. We always have something to be thankful for. God made a way for us. He came for us. If we can think of nothing else. That is enough.
When all you allow yourself to hone in on, is what looks bad…that is all you will see. But when you can look at something…really look…and say, what is the good here? Well. That changes everything. You begin to see life with new eyes. It causes us to be humbled, to be filled with grace at the beauty, love, goodness that surrounds us.
My mom used to tell me, “There is always someone who wishes they were where you are.” Puts things in perspective, doesn’t it? Meaning that things aren’t as bad off as you might believe.
So, today I choose to be aware and to be thankful. For my little people, for the delight and joy they wake up with to face each new day. For the big people too, for the wisdom and love that they unconditionally give. For the sounds and the smells of the vast ocean that represents to me, the depth of Gods tremendous love for me. For the ever longing of my heart for my friends and family thousands of miles away because it reminds me of how much that they mean to me, how grateful I am for them. Oh, how I want to recall that wisp of longing as we return, that will remind me to appreciate them so much more because I know what it means to be far apart.

Most of all, I am thankful for Love.

Love will always light the Way.

6 thoughts on “Love will light the Way.

  1. Beautiful words Amie. It sounds to me like you’re headed on God’s path. I’m praying for you and Nathanael and of course the girls constantly. God is moving in your family, I can hear it in your tone. We love and miss y’all very much and can’t wait to see you again.

  2. I wish u all a blessed Christmas in your tropical island home. I will be in Colleyville, TX with my sister & nephew’s family. I enjoy your posts.

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