Halfway Through The Mission Training Marathon


Amie and I made a final decision in February of 2016 to pursue our calling in the mission field (9 months ago). The first real step was to SAVE and SELL EVERYTHING! It all had to go if we were truly serious about being the hands and feet of Jesus to a lost and broken world outside of our American borders. Beginning in April (7 months ago), we began purging our possessions primarily on local “buy & sell” Facebook groups and yard sales. Amie and I sold our furniture, appliances, camping gear, clothing, tools, vehicles, a trampoline, etc! It was pretty much everything we owned of value including all firearms. Mahalo to all of you who supported us by purchasing our possessions. Sentimental knick knacks and other things we couldn’t sell were either donated or stored in a 10’x16′ storage building back home in Mena, AR.
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