Book Lovers Unite!

During boot camp, we needed a device used for reading books~such as a kindle. Through your generous giving, we were able to purchase one! A kindle is extremely useful to have while overseas since they have a long battery life~great when you have no electricity~and also allows ease of access to multitudes of books. It would not be cost-effective to lug a bunch of books across the ocean! Ive been compiling a list of books that include required reading for mission and midwifery training, also some books that are highly suggested and applicable but not required.

So heres what Im asking: 1. I would love any further book suggestions and 2. As you all know-there are many purchases and expenses we have had to make for training~thank you so much for your generosity and support! An $8 book doesn’t seem like much of an expense but when you think of adding multitudes of $8 books, alongside of training, it starts to really add up! If you have wanted to give in some way and are feeling like this is a way you can contribute-we would love and appreciate a gift of any of the following books, any of these would be so helpful! I will update the list with any that are purchased so nothing is duplicated. The best way to purchase a book for us would be to click on the link, which should take you straight to the Amazon page its listed on. There is a button that reads “Give as a Gift.” You have to sign in or register and then you can enter my email address ([email protected]) as the recipient and it will send the book to us. If you would just like to suggest a book you think we would enjoy, that is awesome as well. You can comment on this post or just shoot me an email! 🙂

1. The God Ask
2. Love Without Agenda
3. Pushed: The Painful Truth about Childbirth
4. The Birth Partner
5. Human Labor and Birth
6. Heart and Hands
7. I Dared to Call Him Father
8. The Red Tent
9. Call the Midwife: A Memoir
10. The Gentle Art of Discipling Women
11. Searching for Sunday
12. Ina Maes Guide to Childbirth
13. From Seed to Fruit
14. The Nepal Chronicles
15. Ruined
16. Nonviolent Communication
17. The End of Memory
18. Radical Forgiveness
19. Papillion
20. Childbirth Without Fear
21. Battles of the New Republic
22. Spiritual Midwifery

Thank you for walking beside us and keeping us in your prayers! Love you all.

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