Picture update and final weeks.

Friends and family,

First of all, we want to thank each of you for keeping our family in your prayers these past few weeks! Our daughter is home and doing well and we couldn’t be more grateful to have such an incredible support system during this time! We have so much to share with you that its a bit overwhelming! We will be home in about 5 weeks and we cant wait to catch you all up then. Since the last time I have shared, we have been through an entire module, which is six weeks long. A few of the topics we have studied have been Immediate newborn-6 weeks, birth emergencies, grief and loss, community development and worldview, postpartum, breastfeeding, normal birth, and labs for midwives. Nate has been involved in his training since January. Continue reading

This Jesus life.

Wow! We are officially through with half of our training here on the Big Island. What an incredible journey these past few months have been and I can say without a doubt that we have grown ever closer to our Father with each passing day. I have truly realized that this life with Jesus is not just a momentary prayer we pray once and then live happily ever after, as we tend to hype up in our culture. It is a daily laying down of our lives and taking up of our cross that changes us and the people around us. It is a slow, humbling, sacrificing process that may not always make sense as we are journeying through but it is always, always worth it. It is committing to loving those that the Father sets before us in this moment. That might be overseas or it might be across the street or it might be in your own home. Sacrifice isn’t so much about losing what you love, but giving your love on to who you love more. When you sacrifice for what you love, you gain more of what you love. Love is a risk-that is never a risk. Continue reading

Halfway Through The Mission Training Marathon


Amie and I made a final decision in February of 2016 to pursue our calling in the mission field (9 months ago). The first real step was to SAVE and SELL EVERYTHING! It all had to go if we were truly serious about being the hands and feet of Jesus to a lost and broken world outside of our American borders. Beginning in April (7 months ago), we began purging our possessions primarily on local “buy & sell” Facebook groups and yard sales. Amie and I sold our furniture, appliances, camping gear, clothing, tools, vehicles, a trampoline, etc! It was pretty much everything we owned of value including all firearms. Mahalo to all of you who supported us by purchasing our possessions. Sentimental knick knacks and other things we couldn’t sell were either donated or stored in a 10’x16′ storage building back home in Mena, AR.
Continue reading

Book Lovers Unite!

During boot camp, we needed a device used for reading books~such as a kindle. Through your generous giving, we were able to purchase one! A kindle is extremely useful to have while overseas since they have a long battery life~great when you have no electricity~and also allows ease of access to multitudes of books. It would not be cost-effective to lug a bunch of books across the ocean! Ive been compiling a list of books that include required reading for mission and midwifery training, also some books that are highly suggested and applicable but not required. Continue reading

May I take your blood pressure, please?


How we dearly miss our family and friends! Thank you so much for being a part of this ministry that God is developing from both near and far. Yes, we say it often-but the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven to earth takes every one of us. We play only a very small part but you, dear friends, are the backbone, praying us through the joys and challenges of each new day!

A lot of what I (Amie) will be sharing with you over the next 6 months will be what God is teaching me through midwifery training and every day life here on the island. Continue reading

Mahalo from the Renards

How’s it?
That is how you casually say “hello” “howdy” or “what’s up” in Hawaii.

“Mahalo” translates to “thank you”. However, it has a much deeper meaning than our western version of “thanks” or “thank you”. In Hawaii it is a word used to express divine blessing of admiration, gratitude, and praise. I have even seen “Mahalo” referred to as a prayer of thanksgiving wrapped into one word. I enjoy seeing the locals faces light up when I tell them, “Mahalo” for their services at the marketplace and they immediately say it right back. If you tell them, “thank you” they generally reply with, “no problem”, “no worries”, or a head nod. This is not true with “Mahalo”! As a mainlander, I have told myself that I will start using this term more often because of what it represents beginning right now. I would like to give a HUGE Mahalo to all who are following our journey through our blog page! Continue reading